About me

Photo Credit: Ben Spoor

About me

Hi, look at the picture, that’s me! My name is Ben Spoor and I love to program.

Thats me!

I was working as a lighting technician, aka a ‘Lampie’, which sparked my interest in electronics. So I went to college to become a Electrical Engineer. I spent my days creating electronics and programming all kinds of devices (PLC’s, mcus, FPGA’s). This started my passion in programming, especially image processing and FPGA’s. During my study I did a part-time internship at Axon and I could go wild on FPGA’s, C++ and SciLab.

Currently I’m employed by Altran (formerly TASS), and for the last few years I’ve worked for ASML. Here I filled a number of roles, mainly using Python & C.

Recently I started immersing myself into debugging practices, which reminds me of my lighting technician days in which ‘The show must go on’ was the only rule. I hope to have some in-depth info on this blog about debugging, next to more general reports of my endeavors in the world of programming.

You can contact me through any of the channels below!